[CM] Grace: realtime audio with Csound5

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Fri, 29 Feb 2008 07:28:40 -0800

Heinrich Taube wrote:
>> Well, I got it to build. I ended up having to install Chicken from 
>> source,
> thank you for trying. you need to build against chicken scheme 3.0.0. 
> you can install its binary version or build from source. for the latter 
> i have directions in gace/src/install.html at the end of the file

It is 3.0.0, both in the Gentoo distro and what I used to build Grace. I 
couldn't figure out why the premake step wasn't finding the installed 
Chicken, so I just made a copy of it.

By the way, Premake is *not* in Gentoo, although Lua is. So as far as 
dependencies are concerned, running Grace (Scheme version) on Gentoo 
"only" requires Juce and Premake from outside the distro.

>> I can start up the console, and I can make it larger. But I can't move 
>> it.
> odd. i dont know what thats about unless its the bug with the w windows 
> libxcb library i wrote about. what version of libxcb is your gentoo using.

*  x11-libs/libxcb
       Latest version available: 1.1
       Latest version installed: 1.1
       Size of downloaded files: [no/bad digest]
       Homepage:    http://xcb.freedesktop.org/
       Description: X C-language Bindings library
       License:     X11

>> Given that, example 5 is a Scheme source file. How do I run a Scheme 
>> file in Grace?
> In the console window select File>New>Lisp to get a new lisp buffer.
> paste the example into the buffer.
> put your cursor at the end of each expr and type Ctrl-Return to eval it 
> (Or c-x c-e if you have emacs mode turned on)