[CM] what linux?

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2008 22:57:30 -0800

Heinrich Taube wrote:
> can anyone recommend a well supported linux that i can (easily) install 
> on an older dell?
> my first choice would be planetccrma except there is some issue with a 
> fedora X library and juce that im not sure i can solve beyond waiting 
> for the next release of fedora.
> my next choice would be gentoo but their livecd doenst even boot.
> these are the only linux versions that i know work well (well, at least 
> planetccrma works well but ive heard good things about gentoo)
> anyway i dont want an installer that boots me in a shell as superuser 
> and tells me to run fdisk! (my second attempt at booting gentoo)

Well ... if you've tried Gentoo and Fedora, your next best shot is 
either Ubuntu or Debian "Etch". I run Gentoo, but if it doesn't boot on 
your machine, that's not good.

There are a couple of audio-specialized Linux distros that you might 
also try. Studio 64 and JAD (Jack Audio Distribution) are the two names 
I remember. I think both of them are Debian-based, and one of them is 
the successor to the AgNuLa project.

Just what model Dell do you have? Are you trying to dual-boot it with 
Windows? How much disk space? How much RAM? How fast is the processor? 
And, of course, what's the sound card?
> -rick
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