[CM] Chorale Composer 0.2

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Aug 30 11:00:43 PDT 2008

> Same here, JAD 1.0 OpenSUSE 10.2. The ALSA support is commented out in
> CC's Juce (1.46) build, but should it be ?

ok thanks for the report, we should be using juce 1.45 ( not 1.46 )  
everywhere with alas enabled on linux . we'll relink the linux and  
repost the binary.
on windows and mac you select the midi device in the menu an away you  
go. on my ubuntu machine i have to start somthing called jact_ctl and  
then make the patch in alsa as well as in my app, which seems like  
double the work to me. if you look in the grace ports manual i discuss  
how to do this.

> Iff you insist on calling youtr program 'cc' you better add the  
> ability
> to compile c code :-)

  its a self-contained, drag and drop app -- you dont need to install  
it in /usr/bin! or if you do you should be able to rename it whatever  
you want to. ill try to remeber to rename it coral_composer on linux.

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