[CM] ANNOUNCE: Grace 1.0.2

Ross Mohn rpmohn at waxandwane.org
Mon Aug 25 18:33:50 PDT 2008


I'm running on Gentoo GNU/Linux and wanted to report the following
issues during compilation. First, I got an error with Resources.h and
fixed it as follows:

@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ public:
     okbutton->setBounds (160, 88, 74, 24);
-  void TextDialogComponent::buttonClicked (Button* button)
+  void buttonClicked (Button* button)
     if (button == cancelbutton)
       ((DialogWindow *)getTopLevelComponent())->exitModalState(false);

Next, I got an error with Console.cpp. I couldn't _solve_ the problem,
but I was able to get around it by commenting the SliderMenuComponent
out of the menu as follows. I'm sure you can fix it properly!

@@ -580,11 +580,10 @@ const PopupMenu ConsoleWindow::getMenuFo
       menu.addSubMenu(T("Themes"), sub1, true);
-      SliderMenuComponent *sliderComp = new SliderMenuComponent(this);
-      sliderComp->slider->setValue(getOpacity(), false);
-      sliderComp->slider->addListener(this);
-      menu.addCustomItem(CommandIDs::ViewOpacity,
-			 sliderComp);
+      //SliderMenuComponent *sliderComp = new SliderMenuComponent(this);
+      //sliderComp->slider->setValue(getOpacity(), false);
+      //sliderComp->slider->addListener(this);
+      //menu.addCustomItem(CommandIDs::ViewOpacity, sliderComp);

The actual error message with Console.cpp is:

g++ -MMD -D "LINUX=1" -D "SCHEME=1" -I "../../../chicken" -I "../../../juce" -I "/usr/local/include"  -O2 -o build/grace.obj/Release/Console.o -c ../../src/Console.cpp
../../src/Console.cpp: In member function ‘virtual const juce::PopupMenu ConsoleWindow::getMenuForIndex(int, const juce::String&)’:
../../src/Console.cpp:592: error: jump to case label
../../src/Console.cpp:583: error:   crosses initialization of ‘SliderMenuComponent* sliderComp’
../../src/Console.cpp:603: error: jump to case label
../../src/Console.cpp:583: error:   crosses initialization of ‘SliderMenuComponent* sliderComp’
../../src/Console.cpp:607: error: jump to case label
../../src/Console.cpp:583: error:   crosses initialization of ‘SliderMenuComponent* sliderComp’
make[1]: *** [build/grace.obj/Release/Console.o] Error 1

And finally, the Grace.cpp source file is missing a declaration for the
first err variable. I'm not sure what you want to do with it, so I just
got around the problem as follows:

@@ -335,7 +335,7 @@ void GraceApp::performHelpCommand(Comman
-	    err=T(">>> Can't open ") + u + T(" on Linux because") +
+	    String err=T(">>> Can't open ") + u + T(" on Linux because") +
 	      foxy.getFullPathName() + T(" does not exist.");

After these changes, I was able to successfully compile GraceCL, but the
Grace binary had too many linking errors for me to deal with right now.
I hope to have some time to play with GraceCL later this week!

Thanks! -Ross

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 07:54:45PM -0500, Heinrich Taube wrote:
> I'm happy to announce the availability of Grace 1.0.2, a Graphical,  
> Realtime, Algorithmic Composition Environment.  Grace is built using  
> the JUCE cross-platform tool kit and includes Chicken Scheme as its  
> extension language.  Grace runs on Windows, OSX and Linux,  sources  
> and prebuilt binaries for Windows and OSX are available on the release  
> page:
> 	http://camil.music.uiuc.edu/Software/grace
> Main points for this release:
> 	Csound port for working with Csound5
> 	Midi Port supports sequence capturing and the ablity to import,  
> export, edit and play back the sequence.
> To learn more about Grace see the on-line documentation or start the  
> app and try the tutorials available in the Help menu.
> Rick Taube
> Assoc. Professor, Composition
> Chair, Composition-Theory Division
> School of Music, University of Illinois
> 1114 W. Nevada, Urbana, IL 61801 USA
> Net: taube at uiuc.edu
> Fax: 1 217 244 7767
> Vox: 1 217 244 2684
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