[CM] CM3 compatibility

Ross Mohn rpmohn at waxandwane.org
Fri Aug 22 07:09:07 PDT 2008

Great, thanks! I may have some follow-up questions, but I'll wait until
I try it out. Maybe this weekend!


On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 06:22:10PM -0500, Heinrich Taube wrote:
> hello ross,
>> [...] Would you please
>> elaborate a bit more about the direction of CM3? Here are some specific
>> questions as well:
>> * Will I be able to use it and still program in LISP?
> yes, it is written in scheme and Grace's Editor supports scheme 
> syntax-highlighting, cursor motion by lisp s-expressions and command-D 
> document lookup for scheme functions and variables.
>> * FOMUS doesn't support Scheme, so will I still be able to use FOMUS to
>> create Lilypond scores if "the Common Music 3 branch is implemented in
>> Chicken Scheme ..."?
> i dont want to speak for david's work but i think he is pretty far along on 
> a libfomus library. when that exists Grace will link to the lib and there 
> will be a Fomus port for generating notations via fomus. I think David is 
> even planning a Finale plugin for fomus, which means that you would be able 
> to send data to the fomus port in Grace see it directly in a finale 
> document!
> the manuscpting work i announced a few days ago will mature over the fall 
> and hopefull by spring it will make its way into Grace so at some point you 
> will be able to use fomus to compute notation windows inside grace and save 
> to wysiwyg pdfs. i have to say the layout and display by andrew burnson is 
> blindingly fast, you can scroll through the whole set of chorales really 
> quitckly -- its doing all that layout and display on the fly from pure 
> ascii data--no notation info is stored in the chorales!
>> * Are the CM3 sources separate from GraceCL, or are they all under the
>> Grace/src subdir now? Are they already checked into SVN on SourceForge?
> not yet. the reason is (1) lack of time and (2) ive been waiting for a 
> chance to port CM3 to one more scheme before making a decision on what it 
> looks like. for now its a mishmash of Chicken SCheme and C.  But the good 
> news is that it requrires very little from the host scheme (for example it 
> doesnt use objects, doesnt deal with files) so couuld potentially be 
> embedded in ant scheme with hash tables and an error system.
> since it is possible to build non-gui juce apps, one idea ive been toying 
> with is to release a /usr/local/bin/cm executable with everything in it 
> that you could use in the terminal or inside an Emacs buffer.
> for now its in the Grace sources on sourceforge.  Now that camil has a real 
> good server ill be moving release pages etc there. i do pla a release this 
> weekend before schools starts and will announce it as soon as it is ready.
>> Thanks very much! -Ross
> thansks for the intelligent questions!

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