[CM] CM3 compatibility

Ross Mohn rpmohn at waxandwane.org
Thu Aug 21 13:39:32 PDT 2008


I'm trying to get a sense of what the forthcoming Grace/CM3 release
means for keeping up with the latest API improvements. Would you please
elaborate a bit more about the direction of CM3? Here are some specific
questions as well:

* Will I be able to use it and still program in LISP?

* FOMUS doesn't support Scheme, so will I still be able to use FOMUS to
  create Lilypond scores if "the Common Music 3 branch is implemented in
  Chicken Scheme ..."?

* Are the CM3 sources separate from GraceCL, or are they all under the
  Grace/src subdir now? Are they already checked into SVN on SourceForge?

Thanks very much! -Ross

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