[CM] alsa problem .. SOLVED

ilya .d errordeveloper at gmail.com
Sat, 13 Oct 2007 15:59:14 +0000

it's me once again.
just in case anyone gets something similar ..

what i have to do every time i start Snd is:

(undefine mus-alsa-playback-device)
(define mus-alsa-playback-device mus-alsa-device)
; here an error happends,
; variable-ref: misc-error: variable is unbound: #<variable 2b4c47cd0280 value: #<undefined>>
(define mus-alsa-playback-device mus-alsa-device)
; now it's ok - WHY ?
; but the playback doesn't work yet!
; it need this:
(set! (mus-alsa-device) "hw:0")	; hw:0 doesn't work , but this asignment helps!
(set! (mus-alsa-device) "plug:hdsp") ; even if all procedures could return
; "plug:hdsp" before - it didn't work, but once seting it to the one
; which doesn't work ["hw:0"] , and then setting back to what is right -
; make it work.

i can't think what these procedure are, as they are not defined in lisp
which i might understand .. they are in sndlib2xen.c right ?

so what happends there is that somehow it picks up 'hw:0', even if
MUS_ALSA_PLAYBACK_DEVICE is set to 'plug:hdsp', and all other variables
do as well. BUT only _PLAYBACK_DEVICE picks up 'hw:0' ... and need this
tricky crap to realize what has to be used ..

i couldn't find any local .scm files which could set anything like this.
just in case anybody looks at it ..

ilya .d