[CM] Bay Area Computer Music Technology Meetup - Nov 8th

Noah Thorp noah at listenlabs.com
Sat, 3 Nov 2007 12:01:55 -0700 (PDT)

Our October meetup was success with 40 or so people in attendance and
presentations on ChucK, Python VST libs, and Jitter. Come check out the
next one and meet other computer music technologists. This one will be at
CNMAT and will have some great presentations on: Kyma live performance,
Csound & Blue, using Wacom tablets with max/msp (see full description


November 8th - Bay Area Computer Music Meetup
Thursday, November 8, 2007, 7:30 PM
CNMAT (UC Berkeley)
1750 Arch Street
Berkeley , CA 94709

RSVP: http://electronicmusic.meetup.com/152/

Our second Bay Area Computer Music Technology meetup will be on November
8th, 7:30pm @ CNMAT - UC Berkeley (thank you to Michael Zbyszinynski and
David Wessel).

Come meet each other and participate in planned and impromptu
presentations ("lightning talks"). Bring your laptop if you would like to
make a short impromptu presentation (projection screen and sound system
available) or tell the group about new projects and opportunities.

Planned Presentations:
* Brian Belet will be giving a demonstration of the Kyma sound design
workstation as a performance environment for live interactive computer
music. Belet will perform one of his compositions, and then discuss the
algorithms used.

* Steven Yi will be presenting on "Blue". Blue is a music composition
environment for Csound, written in Java and available on Windows, Linux,
and OSX. Using SoundObjects on a timeline, GUI instruments, a mixer, and
many other features, blue builds on top of Csound's powerful audio system
to allow flexible, intuitive, and expressive work with musical ideas.

* Michael Zbyszynski will be presenting his Max/MSP libraries and on live
performance with Wacom tablets.

* David Wessel may be demonstrating his new controllers (tentative)

Looking forward to seeing all of you, and please feel free to contact me -
noah [at] listenlabs.com. Proposals for future events are welcome.

Full bios for presenters are posted here: