[CM] Forgot to mention libclm.so

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 06:39:33 -0600

On Jan 25, 2007, at 4:58 PM, Landspeedrecord wrote:

> When I load cm.lisp into CLISP (with CLISP running inside of  
> CYGWIN) it runs with only one error

at one point you could do this to staring cm in cygwin: "bin/cm.sh -l  
clisp"  is this no longer the case? (i cant test anymore because in a  
fit of irritation i recycled my home pc last year)  useting the cm.sh  
script is nice becuase you can use it to run under slime/emacs.

> message about "GNUPLOT-FILE does not name a class".

i dont get this particular message in clisp 2.41 on osx. i do get  
some clisp compiler warnings, im not sure what is triggering them,  
perhaps having  classes and methods in the same file. at any rate  
things seem to work

> Then when I do (use-system :clm) it starts to load and then gets  
> hung on " libclm.so does not exist".

not sure about this one. try moving it to /usr/local/lib/ ?

> Am I close to getting it to work?

for the cm stuff you are probably ok.

> Also... what packages can I expect to get to work under CYGWIN?   
> Will portmidi, midishare, etc work in that environment?

i dont know. that is, portmidi and midishare depend on CFFI, not on  
the os and they work fine on linux and osx. so if cygwin is  
reasonable then they should work fine there too.

> Thanks again & sorry for splitting my questions up into 2 posts.

never got the first post, sorry