[CM] CM.app for OSX/Intel available

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 11 Jan 2007 11:09:00 -0600

Ive added an Intel version of CM.app to the downloads page. this app  
uses sbcl 1.0 as the host lisp but should otherwise be the same as  
CM.app for PPC. Many thanks to Joshua Parmenter and Jason Mitchell  
for their help!


I also updated the PPC archive of the app on the downloads page to  
fix two issues:

(1) a bug in (use-system :portmidi) that prevented the lib from loading.

(2) CLM sources are not precompiled. the first time you do (use- 
system :clm)  clm compiles itself on your machine. this is a much  
easier and saner way or releasing clm that what i was doing (lib  

if you already downloaded the ppc version you can simply cd to the  
portmidi subdir and do a cvs update if you want the fix:

Most of the sources have been installed via anon cvs uder the app. So  
to update a piece of your app's software simply cd to the subdir in  
question and do a cvs update. for example to pull in cm bugfixes for  
the rel-2_10 branch you would do
	cd /Applications/CM.app/Contents/Resouces/cm
	cvs update

when you start CM.app again new sources will recompile themselves  
automatically :)