[CM] clm & configure

Michael Edwards michael@music.ed.ac.uk
Wed, 14 Feb 2007 18:54:51 +0000

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Hi Bill,

It's the windows problem again...I know...groan...

I'm trying to install CLM on a student's winxp machine (ACL Free Express 
8.0 and MS VC++).  I've run into an error I haven't seen before.  After 
successfully compiling io.c, headers.c etc. we try and build libclm.dll 
but get the error that audio.obj can't be found.  It seems to compile 
like the other files (no error is printed) but indeed no .obj file is 
produced.  I've looked at mus-config.h and can see nothing in there that 
would stop audio.c compiling the right bit of code in audio.c after  #if 
defined(MUS_WINDOZE).  Do you know of anything?

By the way, I believe some things could now be changed in all.lisp and 
acl.cl to make clm compile more easily on windows.  I've attached my 
versions of these files including changes we needed to make in order to 
make things run.  In acl.cl we just added the acl-80 clause to be able 
to use Allegro 8.0.  In all.lisp I believe the code that sets the 
clm-bin-directory (from line 103 in my attached file) needs to come 
after the code that pushes :windoze onto the *features* list, no?  This 
was previously before that pushnew and so we had a clm-bin-directory of 
something like "C:\\clm-3\\/", the final / screwing up our path of course.

All the best,



Michael Edwards                  Tel. Office: (+44) (0)131 650 2431
Music Technology                 Email: michael@music.ed.ac.uk
The University of Edinburgh
Programme Director
MSc in Digital Composition and Performance

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#+(and allegro-version>= (version>= 5 0)) 
(eval-when (compile load eval) 
  (pushnew :acl-50 *features*))

#+(and allegro-version>= (version>= 6 0)) 
(eval-when (compile load eval) 
  (pushnew :acl-60 *features*))

#+(and allegro-version>= (version>= 6 1)) 
(eval-when (compile load eval) 
  (pushnew :acl-61 *features*))

#+(and allegro-version>= (version>= 6 2)) 
(eval-when (compile load eval) 
  (pushnew :acl-62 *features*))

#+(and allegro-version>= (version>= 7 0)) 
(eval-when (compile load eval) 
  (pushnew :acl-70 *features*))

#+(and allegro-version>= (version>= 8 0)) 
(eval-when (compile load eval) 
  (pushnew :acl-80 *features*))

;;; forced to put this in a separate file because other lisps die
;;; upon encountering any part of it despite Franz's assertion
;;; that it is "truly portable code"

(setf tpl:*zoom-print-level* nil)
(setf tpl:*zoom-print-length* nil)
(setf tpl:*print-level* nil)

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;;; -*- syntax: common-lisp; base: 10; mode: lisp -*-
;;; Load file for CLM.
;;; The CLM sources are found on the current directory unless the variable clm-directory is set.
;;; The binaries (and compiled C modules, where applicable) are written to clm-bin-directory, if bound.
;;; See make-clm.cl for one example of how to set everything up.
;;; for example, say we've untarred clm-3.tar to the current directory,
;;; but we want the .fasl and .o files written to /zap -- start lisp,
;;; (setf clm-directory "") (setf clm-bin-directory "/zap/") (load "all.lisp")
;;; (setf *clm-player* (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory "sndplay"))
;;;   causes CLM to use its local version of sndplay
;;; to force the configure script to run even if mus-config.h exists, (pushnew :reconfigure *features*)

(pushnew :clm2 *features*) ; for CM
(pushnew :clm3 *features*)

#+(and openmcl (not linux) (not linuxppc-target)) (pushnew :mac-osx *features*)
#+darwin (pushnew :mac-osx *features*)

(proclaim '(special clm-directory clm-bin-directory))

(if (not (boundp 'clm-directory)) 
    (setf clm-directory 
	(directory-namestring (or *load-pathname* "./"))))))

#+openmcl (if (and (stringp clm-directory)
		   (> (length clm-directory) 0)
		   (not (char= (elt clm-directory (1- (length clm-directory))) #\/)))
	      (setf clm-directory (concatenate 'string clm-directory "/")))

(if (not (boundp 'clm-bin-directory)) (setf clm-bin-directory clm-directory))

  The various setup possibilities are handled via Lisp's *features* list --
  we push something on that list to tell Lisp what to include in the current setup.
  The CLM *features* are:

     :reconfigure    force configure script to run again

The *features* that CLM adds itself are:

     :linux           if linux86
     :windoze         windows
     :little-endian (:big-endian) if not already present
     :acl-50          Franz changed the foreign function interface in ACL 5
     :acl-60          Franz changed the foreign function interface in ACL 6
     :acl-61 :acl-62  and so on...
  The other *features* that CLM currently notices (leaving aside walk.lisp and loop.lisp) are:

     :sgi             SGI
     :sun,solaris     Sun (sometimes ignored or removed by clm)
     :hpux            HPUX.
     :i386, i486, pc386  386-style processor (includes 486 and Pentium)
     :freebsd         ACL, CmuCL on FreeBSD.
     :linux86         Linux (in excl, if this is present, and :little-endian, we remove :sun from *features*)
     :cmu             CMU-CL
     :excl            Franz Inc's Lisp (Allegro CL)
     :alsa            use ALSA, rather than OSS (Linux)
     :jack            use the Jack Audio Connection Kit driver (linux), also requires libsamplerate
     :powerpc         Macintosh PowerPC
     :irix            SGI.
     :cltl2           Current lisp is a version 2 CL -- that is, it uses the later package syntax, etc
     :x3j13           A late enough version of the upcoming ANSI CL to have read-sequence
     :little-endian   Underlying machine is little endian (also :big-endian)
     :dlfcn           Foreign code loader is dlopen-related (SGI, Linux)
     :ccrma           Special ACL 4.3 output type for us (avoid collision with ACL 4.3 on SGI and Linux)
                      and use /zap rather than /tmp for clm/snd communication paths
     :win98           Windows 98 where longer file names are apparently accessible
     :mswindows       ACL under Windows
     :allegro-cl-lite ACL with no compiler (the free version of ACL under Windoze)
     :mac-osx         Mac OSX -- this might need to be pushed explicity before loading this file
     :sbcl            Steel Bank CL (cmu-cl descendent)
     :openmcl         OpenMCL
     :darwin          Mac OSX
     :macosx          ACL 7 OSX
     :clisp           Clisp

;;; CormanLisp has :cormanlisp on *features* but I couldn't get it to do anything useful

#+(and (or solaris sparc sunos) (not sun)) (pushnew :sun *features*)
#+(or mswindows win98 win32) (pushnew :windoze *features*)
#+(and linux86 (not linux)) (pushnew :linux *features*)
#+(and excl linux86 little-endian) (setf *features* (remove :sun *features*))
#+bsd386 (pushnew :linux *features*)
;;; acl-50 et all pushed in acl.cl
#+irix (pushnew :sgi *features*)
#+(or x3j13 draft-ansi-cl-2) (pushnew :cltl2 *features*)

#+(and cmu freebsd) (pushnew :linux *features*)

;; (print clm-bin-directory)
#-windoze (if (and (stringp clm-bin-directory)
		   (> (length clm-bin-directory) 1)
		   (not (char= (elt clm-bin-directory (1- (length clm-bin-directory))) #\/)))
	      (setf clm-bin-directory (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory "/")))
;; (print clm-bin-directory)

;;; now check for some switch inconsistencies
#+excl (load (concatenate 'string clm-directory "acl.cl"))

(let ((oops (remove-duplicates (intersection *features* (list :excl :cmu)))))
  (if (and oops (> (length oops) 1))
      (warn "somehow all.lisp thinks ~D different lisps are running here: ~A" (length oops) oops)))

(let ((oops (remove-duplicates (intersection *features* (list :sun :linux :sgi :hpux)))))
  (if (and oops (> (length oops) 1))
      (warn "somehow all.lisp thinks ~D different machines are running here: ~A" (length oops) oops)))

#+(and (not (or big-endian little-endian)) (or pc386 bsd386 i386 i486 i586 i686 x86 win32)) (pushnew :little-endian *features*)
#+(and (not (or big-endian little-endian)) (or openmcl sgi sun hpux powerpc)) (pushnew :big-endian *features*)
#+(and (not (or big-endian little-endian)) excl)
   (let ((x '#(1)))
     (if (not (= 0 (sys::memref x #.(sys::mdparam 'comp::md-svector-data0-adj) 0 :unsigned-byte)))

#+openmcl (if (probe-file "/usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xlib.h") (pushnew :X11 *features*))
(pushnew :clm *features*)

;#+windoze (excl:shell "cp config.windoze mus-config.h")

(defvar reconfigure #+reconfigure t #-reconfigure nil)
;;;    (if (not (probe-file "mus-config.h"))
(if (not (probe-file (concatenate 'string clm-directory "mus-config.h")))
    (setf reconfigure t))
(defvar configure nil)
(if reconfigure
      ;(setf configure "./configure --quiet --with-doubles --with-float-samples")
      ;(setf configure (concatenate 'string clm-directory "configure --quiet --with-doubles --with-float-samples"))
      (setf configure (concatenate 'string "cd " clm-directory " && ./configure --quiet --with-doubles --with-float-samples"))
      #+alsa (setf configure (concatenate 'string configure " --with-alsa"))
      #+jack (setf configure (concatenate 'string configure " --with-jack"))
      (format t ";   running ~A~%" configure)
      #+excl (excl:run-shell-command configure :wait t)
      #+sbcl (sb-ext:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" configure) :output t)
      #+cmu (extensions:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" configure) :output t)
      #+openmcl (ccl:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" configure) :output t)
      #+clisp (ext::shell configure)
  #-openmcl (format t ";   using existing configuration file mus-config.h~%")

(defvar *shared-object-extension* 
  #+dlfcn "so" 
  #+dlhp "sl" 
  #+(or windoze dlwin) "dll" 
  #+(or (and excl macosx) (and openmcl (not linuxppc-target))) "dylib"
  #-(or dlfcn dlhp dlwin windoze (and excl macosx) (and openmcl (not linuxppc-target))) "so"

(defvar pre-c-name #-windoze "saved-" #+windoze "n")
(defvar *obj-ext* #-windoze ".o" #+windoze ".obj")

(defvar *cflags* (concatenate 'string " -I" clm-directory " -O2 -g"  ; the -O2 is needed!  strange errors from ACL if it's omitted
			      #+(or X11 freebsd macosx mac-osx) " -I/usr/X11R6/include"
			      #+(and excl linux debug) " -Wall"
			      #+windoze " -DMUS_WINDOZE"
			      #+(and excl macosx) " -dynamic"
			      #+(or macosx (and mac-osx openmcl)) " -no-cpp-precomp"
			      #+(and windoze excl) " -DHAVE_ACL"
			      #+clisp " -fPIC"
			      #+(or netbsd x86-64) " -fPIC"
			      #+(and sgi acl-50) " -n32 -w"
			      #+(and excl freebsd) " -fPIC -DPIC"

#+alsa (if (probe-file "/usr/include/alsa/asoundlib.h") (setf *cflags* (concatenate 'string *cflags* " -DHAVE_ALSA_ASOUNDLIB_H")))

(defvar *csoflags* (concatenate 'string
				#+sgi " -shared -all"
				#+(or linux clisp) " -shared -fPIC"
				#+(or linuxppc-target (and mac-osx (not cmu) (not sbcl) (not openmcl))) " -shared -whole-archive"
				#+(and mac-osx cmu) " -dynamiclib"
				#+(and excl macosx) " -bundle /usr/lib/bundle1.o -flat_namespace -undefined suppress"
				#+hpux " +z -Ae +DA1.1" ;" -b"?
				#+sun " -G"
				#+windoze " -D_MT -MD -nologo -LD -Zi -W3"
				#+(and excl freebsd) " -Bshareable -Bdynamic"
				#+netbsd " -shared"

(defvar *lib-ext* #+windoze "lib" #-windoze "a")
(defvar *ld* #+windoze "cl" 
             #+(and (or clisp sbcl openmcl (and mac-osx cmu)) (not linuxppc-target)) "gcc" 
	     #-(or (and (or clisp sbcl openmcl (and mac-osx cmu)) (not linuxppc-target)) windoze) "ld")
(defvar *cc* #+windoze "cl" #-windoze "gcc")
(defvar *ldflags* #+windoze " " #-windoze " -r -o ")

;;; --------------------------------
;;; Allegro CL 

#+excl (setf (excl:package-definition-lock (find-package ':common-lisp)) nil)

#+excl (when (eq excl:*current-case-mode* :case-sensitive-upper)
	 (warn "you've chosen the one case (sensitive-upper) that is incompatble with clm -- changing to insensitive-upper")
	 (excl:set-case-mode :case-insensitive-upper))

#+(and excl windoze) (chdir clm-directory)
#+(and excl windoze) (setf *default-pathname-defaults* (excl:current-directory))

#+excl (progn

  (require :foreign)
  (setf excl:*global-gc-behavior* :auto) ;turn off the gc tenure message
  (setf excl:*redefinition-warnings* nil)

  (defun compile-and-load (name)
    (let* ((dir clm-directory)
	   (bindir clm-bin-directory)
	   (cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".lisp"))
	   (lname #-allegro-cl-lite (concatenate 'string bindir name "." excl:*fasl-default-type*)
		  #+allegro-cl-lite cname))
      (when (not (probe-file cname)) (setf cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".ins")))
      (if (probe-file cname)
	  (if (or (not (probe-file lname))
		  (> (file-write-date (truename cname)) (file-write-date (truename lname))))
	      (handler-bind ((excl:compiler-no-in-package-warning #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (muffle-warning)))
			     (excl:compiler-undefined-functions-called-warning #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (muffle-warning)))
			     (style-warning #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (muffle-warning))))
			    (compile-file cname :output-file lname))))
      (handler-bind ((simple-warning #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (muffle-warning)))) (load lname))

  #-loop (let ((*default-pathname-defaults* (parse-namestring ""))) (require :loop))

  (setq sys:*source-file-types* '("cl" "lisp" nil "ins" "cm" "clm" "cmn"))

  (setq sys:*load-search-list*		;don't want to compile note-lists
    (append sys:*load-search-list* (list (make-pathname :type "ins")
					 (make-pathname :type "cm")
					 (make-pathname :type "clm") 
					 (make-pathname :type "cmn") 

;;; --------------------------------
;;; OpenMCL

(unless (get-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\,) 
  ;; since the "#," dispatch macro used by walk.lisp is not part of 
  ;; ANSI CL it was (rather gratuitously) removed from openmcl 1.0. 
  ;; we add it back here. 
   #'(lambda (stream subchar numarg) 
       (let* ((sharp-comma-token ccl::*reading-for-cfasl*)) 
         (if (or *read-suppress* (not ccl::*compiling-file*) (not sharp-comma-token)) 
             (ccl::read-eval stream subchar numarg) 
               (ccl::require-no-numarg subchar numarg) 
               (list sharp-comma-token (read stream t nil t))))))))

(defun compile-and-load (name)
  (let* ((dir clm-directory)
     (bindir clm-bin-directory)
     (cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".lisp"))
     (lname (concatenate 'string bindir name "." (pathname-type (compile-file-pathname cname)))))
    (when (not (probe-file cname)) (setf cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".ins")))
    (if (probe-file cname)
	(if (or (not (probe-file lname))
		(> (file-write-date (truename cname)) (file-write-date (truename lname))))
	    (compile-file cname :output-file lname)))
    (load lname)))

;;; --------------------------------
;;; CMU CL

#+cmu (declaim (optimize (extensions:inhibit-warnings 3))) 
#+cmu (setf extensions::*gc-verbose* nil)
#+cmu (setf *compile-print* nil)
#+cmu (setf *compile-verbose* nil)

#+cmu (defun compile-and-load (name)
	(let* ((dir clm-directory)
	       (bindir clm-bin-directory)
	       (cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".lisp"))
	       (lname (concatenate 'string bindir name "." (c:backend-fasl-file-type c:*backend*))))
	  (when (not (probe-file cname)) (setf cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".ins")))
	  (if (probe-file cname)
	      (if (or (not (probe-file lname))
		      (> (file-write-date (truename cname)) (file-write-date (truename lname))))
		  (compile-file cname :output-file lname)))
	  (load lname)))

;;; --------------------------------
;;; Steel Bank CL

#+sbcl (setf *compile-print* nil)
#+sbcl (setf *compile-verbose* nil)
#+sbcl (declaim (sb-ext:muffle-conditions sb-ext:compiler-note))

#+sbcl (defun compile-and-load (name)
	(let* ((dir clm-directory)
	       (bindir clm-bin-directory)
	       (cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".lisp"))
	       (lname (concatenate 'string bindir name ".fasl")))
	  (when (not (probe-file cname)) (setf cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".ins")))
	  (if (probe-file cname)
	      (if (or (not (probe-file lname))
		      (> (file-write-date (truename cname)) (file-write-date (truename lname))))
		  (handler-bind ((warning #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (muffle-warning)))
				 (style-warning #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (muffle-warning))))
		    (format t "~%;compiling ~A" cname)
		    (compile-file cname :output-file lname))))
	  (handler-bind ((warning #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (muffle-warning))))
	    (load lname))))

;;; --------------------------------
;;; Clisp

#+clisp (defun compile-and-load (name)
	      ((t #'(lambda (c)
		      (when (find-restart 'continue)
			(invoke-restart 'continue)))))
	    (let* ((dir clm-directory)
		 (bindir clm-bin-directory)
		 (cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".lisp"))
		 (lname (concatenate 'string bindir name ".fas")))
	    (when (not (probe-file cname)) (setf cname (concatenate 'string dir name ".ins")))
	    (if (probe-file cname)
		(if (or (not (probe-file lname))
			(> (file-write-date (truename cname)) (file-write-date (truename lname))))
		    (compile-file cname :output-file lname)))
	    (load lname))))

;;; --------------------------------
;;; compile the .c files and build libraries, where applicable

(defvar someone-compiled nil)
(setf someone-compiled nil)
(defvar someone-loaded nil)
(setf someone-loaded nil)

(defvar c-compiler "cc")

(defun cc-it (n) 
  (let* ((lname (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory n *obj-ext*))
	 (cname (concatenate 'string clm-directory n ".c"))
	 (cc-name (or #+(and excl (not windoze)) (sys:getenv "CC")
		      #+lucid (lcl:environment-variable "CC")
		      #+cmu (cdr (assoc (intern "CC" "KEYWORD") ext:*environment-list*))
		      #+sbcl "gcc"
		      #+clisp "gcc"
		      #-(or sun hpux windoze) "cc"
		      #+(or sun hpux) "gcc"
		      #+windoze "cl"
	 (cstr (concatenate 'string 
			    cc-name " "
			    " -c"
			    #-windoze " -o " #+windoze " -Fo"
    (setf c-compiler cc-name)
    (when (or (not (probe-file lname))
	      (not (probe-file cname))
	      (> (file-write-date (truename cname)) (file-write-date (truename lname))))
      (princ (format nil "; Compiling ~S~%" cname)) (force-output)
      #+debug (princ (format nil "; ~A~%" cstr)) (force-output)
      (setf someone-compiled t)
      #+excl (excl:shell cstr)
      #+clisp (ext:shell cstr)
      #+sbcl (sb-ext:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" cstr) :output t)
      #+cmu (extensions:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" cstr) :output t)
      #+openmcl (ccl:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" cstr) :output t)

(cc-it "io")
(cc-it "headers")
(cc-it "audio")
(cc-it "sound")
(cc-it "clm")
#-(or windoze netbsd x86-64) (cc-it "sc")
(cc-it "cmus")

;;; in all these load lists, the order is very important!  Load out of order and get
;;; extremely strange error messages at run or load time.

#+(or cmu sbcl excl openmcl clisp)
(let ((shared-name (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory "libclm." *shared-object-extension*)))
  (when (or someone-compiled (not (probe-file shared-name)))
    (princ (format nil "; Creating ~S~%" shared-name))
    (setf someone-loaded t)
    (let ((str (concatenate 
		*ld* " "
		#-(and cmu freebsd) *csoflags* " "
		#+(and cmu freebsd) "-r -L/usr/lib "
		#+(or (and sbcl darwin) (and openmcl (not linuxppc-target))) "-dynamiclib "
		#-windoze "-o " #+windoze "-Fe"
		shared-name " "
		clm-bin-directory "headers" *obj-ext* " "
		clm-bin-directory "audio" *obj-ext* " "
		clm-bin-directory "io" *obj-ext* " "
		clm-bin-directory "sound" *obj-ext* " "
		clm-bin-directory "clm" *obj-ext* " "
		clm-bin-directory "cmus" *obj-ext* " "
		#+windoze clm-bin-directory #+windoze "libclm.def "
 		#+(and (or cmu sbcl excl (and openmcl X11)) (not windoze) (not netbsd) (not x86-64)) clm-bin-directory
		#+(and (or cmu sbcl excl (and openmcl X11)) (not windoze) (not netbsd) (not x86-64)) "sc.o "

		#+sgi "-laudio "
		#+alsa "-lasound "
		#+jack "-ljack -lsamplerate "

		;; try to find the ACL shared library that has acl_printf and call_lisp_address
		;#+(and sgi allegro-v5.0) (concatenate 'string (namestring (truename "sys:")) "libacl5.0.so ")
		;#+(and (or allegro-v5.0 allegro-v5.0.1 allegro-v6.0) (not (or windoze linux)))
		#+(and acl-50 (or sun (not acl-70)) (not (or windoze linux)))
		(concatenate 'string (namestring (translate-logical-pathname "sys:")) (excl::get-shared-library-name) " ")

		;; cl-lite version of get-shared-library-name returns a name that doesn't exist
		;;   and we can't include it anyway because of appalling Windoze file name stupidity
		;;   windoze users are on their own here -- fixup the &#@%$^# name below.
		#+(and windoze (not allegro-cl-lite) (not acl-62) (not acl-70)) clm-bin-directory
		#+(and windoze (not allegro-cl-lite) (not acl-60) (not acl-61) (not acl-62)) "acl503.lib "
		#+(and windoze (not allegro-cl-lite) acl-60 (not acl-61) (not acl-62)) "acl601.lib "
		#+(and windoze (not allegro-cl-lite) acl-62 (not acl-70)) (concatenate 'string "\"" (namestring (truename "sys:")) "acli623.lib\"")
		#+(and windoze (not allegro-cl-lite) acl-70 (not acl-80)) (concatenate 'string "\"" (namestring (truename "sys:")) "acl701.lib\"")
		;; I PUT THIS IN - just as a marker really
		#+(and windoze (not allegro-cl-lite) acl-80) (concatenate 'string "\"" (namestring (truename "sys:")) "acli8010t.lib\"")
		#+windoze " user32.lib gdi32.lib kernel32.lib comctl32.lib comdlg32.lib winmm.lib advapi32.lib "
		#+(and (or cmu sbcl excl (and openmcl X11)) (not windoze) (not x86-64)) " -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 "
		;; needed for XGetWindowProperty in sc.c (inter-program communication)
		#-(or windoze (and openmcl linuxppc-target) (and linux (or cmu sbcl acl-50))) " -lm -lc"
		;;; in linux this -lc can cause "ld: internal error ldlang.c 3088"
		#+mac-osx " -framework CoreAudio "
		#+(and sun (not x86-64)) " -lgcc"

      (format t ";;~A~%" str)
      #+excl (excl:shell str)
      #+cmu (extensions:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" str) :output t)
      #+openmcl (ccl:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" str) :output t)
      #+sbcl (sb-ext:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" str) :output t)
      #+clisp (ext::shell str)


;;; --------------------------------
;;; code walker, package definitions, etc

#-(or excl sbcl)
  (if (not (find-package :walker))
	(compile-and-load "walk")
	;; now check for later versions that do not automatically expand macros during the walk (taken from Common Music's build.lisp)
	(when (find-symbol "WALK-FORM-EXPAND-MACROS-P" :walker)
	  (set (find-symbol "WALK-FORM-EXPAND-MACROS-P" :walker) t))
	#+(and (or clisp cmu) ansi-cl) (load (concatenate 'string clm-directory "special-form-for-cmu.cl"))

#+cmu (setf walker:walk-form-expand-macros-p t)
;;; in sbcl it's in the SB-WALKER package (&#%@^$)

(compile-and-load "clm-package")
(compile-and-load "initmus")

(setf clm::*clm-binary-directory* (namestring (truename clm-bin-directory)))
(setf clm::*clm-source-directory* (namestring (truename clm-directory)))

(setf clm::*clm-compiler-name* c-compiler)
#+(or excl cmu sbcl openmcl clisp) (setf clm::*so-ext* *shared-object-extension*)

#+excl (load (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory "libclm." *shared-object-extension*))
#+cmu (ext:load-foreign (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory "libclm." *shared-object-extension*))
#+sbcl (sb-alien:load-shared-object (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory "libclm." *shared-object-extension*))
#+openmcl (ccl:open-shared-library (concatenate 'string clm-bin-directory "libclm." *shared-object-extension*))

#+openmcl (compile-and-load "mcl-doubles")

(compile-and-load "sndlib2clm")
(compile-and-load "defaults")

;;; -------- sndplay
;;; make a program named sndplay (and sndinfo and audinfo?) that can play most sound files 
  (when (or (not (probe-file "sndplay.exe"))
	    (> (file-write-date "sndplay.c") (file-write-date "sndplay.exe")))
    #+excl (excl:shell (format nil "cl sndplay.c -I. -DMUS_WINDOZE libclm.lib~%"))

  (let ((prog-name (concatenate 'string clm::*clm-binary-directory* "sndplay"))
	(source-name (concatenate 'string clm::*clm-source-directory* "sndplay.c")))
    (when (or (not (probe-file prog-name))
	      (> (file-write-date source-name) (file-write-date prog-name)))
      (let ((dacstr (concatenate 'string
				 " "
				 clm::*clm-binary-directory* "headers.o "
				 clm::*clm-binary-directory* "audio.o "
				 clm::*clm-binary-directory* "io.o "
				 clm::*clm-binary-directory* "sound.o "
				 clm::*clm-binary-directory* "clm.o "
				 " -o "
				 #+sgi " -laudio"
				 #+alsa " -lasound"
				 #+jack " -ljack -lsamplerate"
				 #+(or macosx mac-osx) " -framework CoreAudio"
				 " -lm"
	(princ (format nil "; Building sndplay program: ~S~%" prog-name)) (force-output)
	#+excl (excl:shell dacstr)
	#+cmu (extensions:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" dacstr) :output t)
	#+openmcl (ccl:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" dacstr) :output t)
	#+sbcl (sb-ext:run-program "/bin/csh" (list "-fc" dacstr) :output t)
	#+clisp (ext::shell dacstr)

;;; --------------------------------
;;; CLM proper

(compile-and-load "ffi")
(compile-and-load "mus")
(compile-and-load "run")
(compile-and-load "sound")
(compile-and-load "defins")
(compile-and-load "env")
(compile-and-load "clm-snd")
(compile-and-load "export")
(compile-and-load "clm1") ; added 15-Apr-02

;;; --------------------------------
;;; initialize CLM

#+sbcl (shadowing-import 'clm:double) ;#%$^#@!!!! 
(use-package :clm)

;#+(and ccrma excl) (with-open-file (ifile "/etc/clm.conf" :direction :input :if-does-not-exist nil) (load ifile))
;;; it might be nice to make this a documented feature, and perhaps compatible with /etc/snd.conf

#-(or cmu sbcl)
(let ((init-file (merge-pathnames (or clm::*clm-init* "clm-init") 
				  #+excl excl::*source-pathname*
				  #+openmcl ccl:*loading-file-source-file*
				  #+clisp (truename *load-pathname*)
  (with-open-file (ifile init-file	;bug -- with-open-file of nonexistent file gets CLOSE error no matter what
		   :direction :input
		   :if-does-not-exist nil)
    (if (streamp ifile) 
	(load init-file))))

#+(or cmu sbcl)
(let ((init-file (open (merge-pathnames (or clm::*clm-init* "clm-init") 
 					(truename *load-pathname*))
		       :direction :input 
		       :if-does-not-exist nil)))
  (if init-file
	(load init-file)
	(close init-file))))
;;; see README.clm for current status