[CM] Windows and Lisp for Common Music

Rick Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed, 19 Dec 2007 10:42:33 -0600

Yes, you can run it in xp using emacs, slime and clisp. It might also  
work with sbcl (i havent tried).
I also have a drag and drop version of CM for windows using an early  
version of Grace. You can get this runtime from


ill be making new Grace binaries within a month including the binding  
that works with Common Lisp. However, I will no longer be including a  
Lisp image in the release package so you will need to have a working  
SBCL or Clisp installed on your machine to use it. Its simply too  
hard to get all the the cl packaging right for the various os/lisp  

> Hello, I typically run Win32 Emacs and SBCL for Windows on my XP box.
> I was looking through the install guide and it seems to be
> Unix/Cygwin-based.
> Is there any possibility of running Common Music from Windows XP?
> I cannot get a working Common Lisp for cygwin - the clisp that comes
> with Cygwin is broken and compiling from source fails.
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