[CM] Snd 9.3

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 23 Aug 2007 04:47:48 -0700

Snd 9.3

rt improvements from Kjetil (new file: rt-clm-ins.scm).

*.rb and *.fs improvements from Mike.

shepard.ins thanks to Juan Reyes

clm.html split:
  clm in CL (CLM tarball) is clm.html, 
  clm in other languages (Snd tarball) is sndclm.html

fm.html split:
  cl-fm.html in CL (all examples are in CL)
  fm.html in Snd (all examples are in Scheme)
  the math is now done in LaTex, and I added several pictures

  most of my work in this version of Snd went into fm.html and sndclm.html

moved autocorrelate to clm
  renamed the graph-hook function "correlate" in examp.scm|fs|rb to "display-correlation"
  added correlate to clm

added a stab at amplitude normalization to sine-summation

dsp.scm: smoothing-filter, weighted-moving-average, exponentially-weighted-moving-average
         Savitzky-Golay filter

new file: numerics.scm (various numerical functions)

mix.scm: delay-channel-mixes

added blackman5..10-window (6 to 11-term windows in the Blackman-Harris/Hamming family)
      rv2..4-window (2nd to 4th order Rife-Vincent windows in the Hann(ing) family)

removed useless :start arg from make-env
  this means all (CL-CLM) instruments that use make-env need to be recompiled.

checked:  guile 1.8.2, gtk 2.11.6, gamin 0.1.9, gauche 0.8.11, pango 1.18.0

Thanks!: Juan Reyes, Kjetil Matheussen, Mike Scholz, Jim Hauser