[CM] translating spirals into music CLM

Juan I Reyes juanig@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun, 12 Aug 2007 15:14:29 -0700

Hi John and Fernando,

I have been having the same problem (clicking noises), and after various
sorts of testing with different setups I realized that it is an issue
when the path envelopes pass through the origin (though I could be
wrong). Even in 2 channel stereo setups or in 8 channel setups I get
this problem using CLM on SBCL, CMUCl, ACL, FC-4 and FC-6.

I was no able to find a turnaround except that it doesn't happen in the
CLM-2 version.

  --* Juan Reyes

On Sun, 2007-08-12 at 01:58 +0100, john henry dale wrote:

> I am getting repetitive clicking noises from the speakers when I put
> the following code into CLM using a 4 speaker arrangement. The sample
> file is mono.
> (with-sound (:channels 4 :Scaled-to .99 :Srate 44100 :statistics t 
>              :reverb nrev :Printing nil)
>      (move-it (:channels 2 
>             :paths (list (make-path '((-10 10)(0.1 0.1)(10 -10)))
>                          (make-spiral-path :turns 2)))
>        (samp2 "eastern_guitar.aif" 0)))