[CM] Building applications with CM?

David Kamp david.kamp@gmx.de
Sat, 9 Sep 2006 22:44:23 +0200

Yeah. I want to create a small app, something where the users just  
controls some parameters.
(without letting the user ever see  Scheme/LISP code)
Then there is some CM stuff happening internally and
The Users gets a wav/midifile.
The target user would be more like a  "consumer".
I create something cool in CM, make an app out of it and the user  
uses the app for its single task.
(making GM-drumbeats or whatever.)

How would i turn some CM programming into a self contained Application?
Again, im new to this so please be patient  ;-)

On 09.09.2006, at 19:24, Rick Taube wrote:

>> i think david is thinking about a self-contained distributable  
>> app. i think
>> this is not possible, at least right now. am i wrong?
>> best,
>> marcelo