[CM] snd config, help

junky2@mail.bg junky2@mail.bg
Mon, 20 Nov 2006 14:09:56 +0200

I'm new to both linux and snd.
I have high hopes for snd to replace cooledit that I'm used
Please provide for me some guidelines how my work can be
done in snd,
which I'll describe below.
I receive audio in standard wav, ripped from regular CD's.
I should identify is the audio LOSELESS or it has been coded
with TRANSFORM codecs as mp3, ogg, etc. In cooledit I check
freq analysis and I see if freq is cut off, then I conclude
it was mp3. But there are transform codecs as aac, which
does not cut off frequencies. Then my next test is to check
if the audio is clipped. In most cases, if the audio is
clipped then it was coded with transform codecs - they
always do clipping (only if the audio is very audiable -
always true for recently published CDs, except classics).
Currently I'm unable 100% distinguish TRANSFORM coding from
LOSELESS coding. May you help, ideas? Sometimes I need to do
"Hard limiting", this is because some record companies are
being careless to issue clipped audio. Further I need to
check if there are unwanted pauses between the tracks, say
when the audio is concert and the CD was not ripped
properly. I shoud remove them. Then the audio should be
checked for CD ripping related problems as gaps, clicks and
so on. That's it.
Please help me to customize properly the snd to do the task.
What I've done already:
I can open audio, I can play it, browse is, did some
Most I need:
1. to visually see or other way detect clipping (or identify
lossy coding)
2. do "Hard Limiting" (I don't know how to do it in snd)
3. do "Hard Limiting" in batch
4. Identify digital silence in audio

Thanks in advance for help.
snd promises to be my savior, but it is very hard for me to
configure it



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