Fw: Re: [CM] CLM and file sizes?

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 10 Nov 2006 13:52:54 -0800

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Subject: Re: [CM] CLM and file sizes?

I think the problem is that AIFC and wave headers have 32-bit size fields,
whereas Next-style headers ignore the size field if it is obviously wrong.
I got the same bug you reported writing an AIFC file, but I've written
a 7 hour 2-channel 44KHz file (4.23 GBytes) using mus-next as the
header type.  So it's a bug in sndlib, not OSX.  I'm not sure there's
a real solution for the AIFC/RIFF cases -- if I limit the written size to
31 bits, you can probably get all the data, but most programs won't notice
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