[CM] there's a use for tanh!?

bill sack wsack@buffalo.edu
Thu, 25 May 2006 10:49:47 -0400

i've used tanh in CLM (and the tanh~ object in pd) to simulate the 
"warm" distortion from analog circuits, e.g.: (outa i (* tanh my-signal 
x)) with x determining the amount of distortion - a factor of 2 is a 
slight warm-up and around 20 is on the way to square-wave-land (but 
never really getting there as tanh * x will never = 1).

Richard Dudas (Max/MSP dev and all-'round good guy) introduced us to it 
in the context of a quick and dirty, last-ditch method for avoiding 
clipping at overloading dac objects in real-time environments (Max & 
pd). good for keeping undergrad electronic music concerts on schedule ...

all of which is still not as interesting as fireflies ...

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

>>Actually ... that sounds interesting ... can you post a link to the 
>>article about synchronizing fireflies? 
>It's from CMJ, but not the one you'd think -- College Mathematics Journal,
>vol 37 no 3 May 2006, "Fireflies flashing in unison" by Ying Zhou, 
>Walter Gall, and Karen Nabb.  The "references" include numerous
>other articles on the phenomenon, but I don't see any web link.
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