[CM] Unbound Variable: butlast (SND Daily 20060517)

Esben Stien b0ef@esben-stien.name
Wed, 17 May 2006 23:02:36 +0200

I'm trying to get started with CLM and SND. 

I do: 

Start emacs then run M-x run-snd-guile

Then I evaluate: 

(load-from-path "/home/b0ef/.inbound/snd-8-CVS-20060517/snd-8/rt-compiler.scm")

..which seems to do fine, then: 

(load-from-path "/home/b0ef/.inbound/snd-8-CVS-20060517/snd-8/rt-examples.scm")

This throws: 

Unbound variable: butlast

I'm on GNU/Linux, SBCL-0.9.8,

SND is configured with "--with-gtk --with-jack --with-ladspa

Any pointers as to what I can try?

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