[CM] cvs and whatnot

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 12 May 2006 14:21:32 -0500

> I hope that will work -- I haven't tried it, and my connection to  
> sourceforge has
> been broken for several days.

i have been able to cvs to sourcefore since this morning. apropos, the  
new anonymous cvs host for cm is:


cvs login
cvs checkout {cm|rts|midishare|portmidi}

>  * mzscheme:    (Scheme) doable (I have the xen.h macros for it),  
> but...
>  * stklos:      (Scheme) doesn't build libstklos yet, and has many  
> non-unique names

say did you look at chicken?