[CM] Snd 8.1

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun, 7 May 2006 10:43:04 -0700

Snd 8.1

added a bunch of Forth files (*.fs) thanks to Mike Scholz. 

many more improvements from Kjetil and Mike.

Gauche support in Snd -- this is a Scheme extension language like Guile.


  use --with-gauche in configure.  There are a number of differences
  between Gauche and Guile.  

    added gauche-optargs.scm to get define* (but not defmacro*)
          gauche-format.scm to get ~{ and others
          block comments in '#| |#' to the Guile Snd to be compatible with Gauche (and CL).  
    removed ws-interrupt? arg (no defmacro* currently in Gauche version).
    added define+ and definstrument+ to get around lack of documentation string support in Gauche.
    changed all '#! !#' to "#| |#'
    changed all '#:' to ':'
    "run" is a no-op in Gauche -- local variables aren't (currently) accessible in this context.
         with-sound users will want to stick with Guile for now.

clisp support in clm.  
  Due to Clisp's way of macroexpanding "loop", the
  loop macro can't be used within "run" (this affects Clisp users only of course).  
  I changed a bunch of such cases to use "do". Also, "run*" doesn't currently work in
  the Clisp clm.

changed show-listener slightly; if optional arg is #f, listener is not created.

removed envelope-base.

clm-load (ws.scm) for cm.

checked: sbcl 0.9.11|12, gsl 1.8, gtk 2.8.17, fftw 3.1.1, fth up to 0.8.17

with much help from: Michael Klingbeil, Kjetil, Mike.

I haven't updated the sourceforge tarball yet.

7ade3736f809df826b1b5edb20fc249a41d889ee  clm-3.tar.gz
0adefdc5f2ec243936cf02555d61e1cfc0a12c0d  cmn.tar.gz
af653d2d145a7c2af99ef5188d401383eacf4b3b  libxm.tar.gz
60ee4a668450c741964147d6ce5316890d4fefc5  snd-8-1.i386.rpm
213389ed7da6f314ac886ada8014a437bbe84650  snd-8-1.src.rpm
5a09781d01df53ad6a532914d35243f6d34e2a3d  snd-8.1.tar.gz
32f29cdd08f9ba5c342e2782c7e88df78653f01b  snd-8.tar.bz2
81a09890355ca6d29047ca30c8b5c470a2a817b7  snd-8.tar.gz
93d59f806a4654815a694e43ff0fd5b5c43b3cac  sndlib.tar.gz