[CM] EDM Spectrum Featured Showcase of the Week - kruhft

Burton Samograd kruhft@gmail.com
Wed, 07 Jun 2006 12:49:43 -0600

Hi All,

The people at EDM Spectrum selected me as the featured profile of the
week, so I thought I would pass it along, since a couple of the up
there songs were written with CLM (off my programmed piano ep i just
released).  If you're interested in hearing some of my other work,
clicky here:


They also have put me along side artist of the week Aphex Twin, which
some of you might have heard of as well ;-) They try and pair the
artist with the showcases, so I'm thinking it's a pretty nice
compliment on thier part.

burton samograd						 kruhft .at. gmail
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