Niklas Kambeitz niklas.kambeitz@mail.mcgill.ca
Thu, 27 Jul 2006 02:16:00 -0400

I am working on a program called CM-ETF that allows output from Common 
Music to music notation files in Finale's ETF format.

For downloads and more information, visit the project's website:

I basically made it for myself, but it's now at the point where I 
thought that other people might get some use out of it too. There are 
still bugs and missing features, and I would appreciate any comments or 
bug reports.

In purpose and function it is similar to FOMUS, but more limited in 
scope; CM-ETF only outputs rhythms and pitches, not dynamics or other 
markings. It does try to intelligently render rhythm, pitch spelling 
and cautionary accidentals. I realize that rather than duplicate all 
this effort, CM-ETF should probably be turned into a backend for FOMUS. 
When I started working on this though, I needed something that would 
run in Clisp.

I'm open to any ideas as to how this project should develop, if at all 
- is there a need for users of CM and Finale to bypass MusicXML and Dolet?

If nothing else, CM-ETF provides some documentation on the structure 
and syntax of enigma files. Anyone interested should look at the source 
code files "etf-data.lisp" and "file-io.lisp".