[CM] Newbie question: Common Music doesn't start under xemacs

Robert Matovinovic robert.matovinovic@web.de
Mon, 17 Jul 2006 17:00:26 +0100

Sorry to bother you, but I looked all over and didn't find the right answer.
I also found the same question is the archives of this list, but just by
deleting init.el as suggested there, it doesen't work.

I run the windows build xemacs version 21.4.19 under XP, have installed
common lisp, slime and CM-2.8.0. I followed the documentation for the
init.el file to start CM. But I always get an error (void-function
easy-menu-create-menu). From the debugger I get the message below:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function easy-menu-create-menu)
  (easy-menu-create-menu "Common Music" *common-music-doc-menu*)
  (easy-menu-add-item menubar-slime (quote ("Documentation"))
(easy-menu-create-menu "Common Music" *common-music-doc-menu*))
  load-internal("cm" nil nil nil undecided)
  (let* ((els ...) (bin ...) (load-path ...)) (add-to-list (quote load-path)
slime-directory) (load "listener") (load "cm") (setq inferior-lisp-program
  eval-buffer(#<buffer "init.el"> nil)
  ;;; Reading at buffer position 950
  #<compiled-function (&optional printflag) "...(5)" [printflag eval-buffer]
3 217446 nil>()

So mainly there seem to be not definition for easy-menu-create-menu. I
looked up easymenu.el of my xemacs version for the definition. There is
none. An internet search brought up the easymenu.el of emacs, where
easy-menu-create-menu is defined. So I tried to copy the missing functions
into my easymenu.el and compiled it. But this didn't work. Since I'm not
familiar with hooking in files like easymenu.el into xemacs I'm asking this
list. The docs recommend somehow xemacs. BTW I already tried to run CM under
emacs, which didn't work either, so I switched to xemacs, where I got farer,
but not far enough.

Any help appreciated.

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