[CM] Updated Csound5.0rc2 Windows Installer

Michael Gogins Michael Gogins <gogins@pipeline.com>
Sun, 15 Jan 2006 14:45:11 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

I've once again updated the Csound5, release candidate 2, 64 bit samples, 
Windows installer on SourceForge. This can be found at:


in the csound package, csound5.0rc2 release, csound-5rc2.exe file.

Changes this time are to update the Csound and the manual with Istvan Varga's latest contributions, updates, and fixes to the channel opcodes (chn*).

Mingwm10.dll is included, Victor Lazzarini's PortAudio is used (I think), CSOUNDRC is set, Rawwaves are in place, csound.hpp is included, latest libsndfile is used (pre6), the Python version is 2.4, all DLLs are stripped.

Includes all opcodes of Istvan Varga zip plus Loris, vst4cs, FluidSynth, and
STK C++ opcodes, as well as tclcsound and csoundapi~.

This installer needs more testing on the PortAudio performance, Loris opcodes, Python opcodes, vst4cs opcodes, and csoundvst~ PD external. When these tests are satisfactory, the manual is completely up to date, and there are better examples, I will consider this installer suitable for general release.

It would also be nice if somebody would improve the LISP CFFI binding in interfaces/csound5.lisp, which works on a basic level as demonstrated in interfaces/test.lisp, but needs to be improved with CLOS bindings and with integration as a Common Music output stream. I will get around to this eventually, but it would be nice if it happened sooner.