[CM] Snd 7.18

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat, 14 Jan 2006 02:50:41 -0800

Snd 7.18

snd_pd_external.c, help-snd-fm.pd, and pd-fm.scm and other changes for Pd, thanks to Kjetil.

Many more improvements thanks to Mike.

default sample type is now float. This should only affect the "peak-env" files which will
  need to be rebuilt (just delete the current peak files, and they'll be rebuilt as needed

analog-filter.scm: Butterworth, Chebyshev, inverse-Chebyshev, Bessel(-Thompson), Elliptic filters.
  (These functions are based on code of Anders Johansson)

new fft windows: samaraki and ultraspherical (related to the dolph-chebyshev window)
  ultraspherical window has an additional parameter (side lobe shape) named
  fft-window-alpha here (to parallel fft-window-beta).

new sound effects:
  sinc-train (clm.html)
  reverse-by-blocks and reverse-within-blocks (examp.scm)
  pulse-voice (examp.scm)

moved make-iir-low|high-pass-1 to snd7.scm (from dsp.scm)

removed the various sorting indices (sort-by-name|size|date|entry), and changed 
  the way the user-defined sorter works. (snd7.scm defines the old names).
  Also removed (unimplemented, but documented) file-sorters list, and the
  now useless just-sounds-hook.  added sound-file? for easier file-filter definition.

in both Motif and Gtk, the file selection dialogs have been changed -- there are
  fewer visible widgets, but popup menus are scattered around to handle uncommon 
  chores (sorting, filtering, etc).  libgamin is connected to the file list as 
  elsewhere.  Right-click in the file list brings up a menu of sorting/filtering 
  choices; in the directory list it brings up a menu that splits out the parent 
  directories (single-click in the directory list moves to that directory);
  in the file and filter entry widgets it brings up a list of previous choices.  
  If you type in the file entry widget, the file list tries to move to the apparent choice.
  The "preview area" is as before -- a description of the selected sound file,
  with "play" and "just-sounds" buttons. 

In the xm module, XmNpopupEnabled is now an enum (it was boolean -- I was following
  the incorrect info in the Motif docs -- use XmPOPUP_AUTOMATIC rather than #t).

the happy buttons have hunkered down for the winter.

checked: gtk 2.8.8|9|10, sbcl 0.9.7|8, clisp 2.36|7 (cmn), motif 2.3.0, ruby 1.8.4, 
         Mesa 6.4.1 (openGL), gamin 0.1.7 (fam)

with much help from: Kjetil, Mike, Russell Aspinwall