[CM] mixing cmn and midi data in cm-2.7?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 5 Jan 2006 09:41:18 -0600

ok i think the problem is that your FF cmn object is not a note so you 
are specifying a dynamic "outside" of a note context. so maybe it 
should be someting like this

(define (tester)
   (process while (< (now) 30)
            for note = (+ 60 (random 20))
            for amp = (random 1.0)
            for chan = 0
            for rhy = (pick .25 .75)
            if (< .8 amp)
            output (new cmn :time (now) :note note
                        :staff chan :data '(ff)
                        :duration rhy)
            output (new midi :time (now) :keynum note
                        :duration rhy :amplitude amp
                        :channel chan)

            wait rhy))

its been several years since ive looked at this code -- i wonder now 
why the CMN object coudlnt simply have an :amplitude value so you 
wouldnt need midi notes at all.