[CM] Re: CM CVS status ?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:04:08 -0600

im really sorry Its still not ready for prime time -- todd is  
converting OSC and realtime Supercollider support into a new use- 
system, and I still need to try to resolve the SBCL threading  
problems with RTS.

  i just dont have time these days to do much of anything and I think  
todd is in the same situation. if i had known how little time i would  
have this semester I would have released cm in december :(

On Feb 16, 2006, at 7:15 AM, Dave Phillips wrote:

> Hi Rick:
>  It's been a while since I updated CM, I was wondering what the  
> status is for CVS these days. Can I safely update, or should I wait ?
>  Btw, I'm starting to play around with FOMUS in CM. Are there any  
> more examples available besides what's in the CM docs ?
>  I thought CM -> CMN was the bomb, now I have CM -> LilyPond. Cool,  
> cool, cool.
> Best,
> dp