[CM] snd_frg.scm

Olivier Doaré nolv@free.fr
Thu, 31 Aug 2006 22:44:53 +0200


You will find here my conffile that tries to emulate the workflow i had with
Sound Forge:


Main features are:

- mouse wheel zooming (+ctrl to zoom vertically)
- up/down arrows to zoom (+ctrl to zoom vertically)
- left/right key to move one pixel (or one sample at high zoom ratios) (+ctrl to
extend selection)

- double click between marks to select range
- m to make a mark (named mark is now done with M)

- ctrl-x , ctrl-c , ctrl-v , ctrl-b to cut, copy, paste, mix.

+ many other shortcuts

Now the problems:

* Problem 1:
For the moment, it doesn't work with recent versions of Snd. This file is a fork
of K.S.Matheussen's snd_conffile.scm and works well with the version of Snd in
the latest Snd-ls distribution (is it 8.0?). But i need to replace gui.scm by
the one in latest cvs of Snd to use double-click and ctrl-wheel.

Note that snd_conffile.scm also doesn't work in recent Snd distributions.

To test, you can download here my custom version of Snd (8.0 from snd-ls with
newest gui.scm) :

Compile with gtk enabled and run with:
./snd -l snd_frg.scm

* Problem 2
To compile Snd with all gtk extensions, it seems that --with-static-xg flag is
needed. If not, xg.o nor xg.so are produced. I need to compile them manually.
Looks like a bug in configure or something like that.

Sorry for my english. Questions are welcome if this mail is not clear.