[CM] 4-channel playback in clm-3 (OS X)

Jake Rundall rundall@uiuc.edu
Tue, 18 Oct 2005 19:31:05 -0500


I'm trying to create a 4-channel piece in clm-3.  I'm running CLM and using 
openmcl in OS X.  I've used Rick Taube's vkey instrument to create 4-channel 
.aiff files, but I'm not sure how to play them back, because dac (sndplay I guess) 
doesn't seem to handle this type of file.  Here are a few possible options that I'm 
looking for comments and suggestions on:

1) Processing the file to create four mono sound files, one for each channel, and 
playing in another program.  Pro Tools would do it, but I'm looking for 
something less expensive, or perhaps freeware....

2) Working with ambisonics format... I've heard that there is a supercollider 
patch that can play this type of format.  How does one write an ambisonics file?  
Is there a specific ambisonics file format?  Would you use dlocsig to write the 
file?  Does this work with clm-3?

3) Any other options that I haven't mentioned?  If you have other suggestions 
about how to work with 4-channel sound files in clm-3 (on OS X), I'd be really 
happy to hear about them.


Jake Rundall