[CM] SND in FLOSS audio article

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 13 Oct 2005 07:08:25 -0700

I enjoyed your article!  On the interface: I've always thought a
tool should be invisible -- you work on something, and if the tool
is appropriate, you only think about the thing you're working on.

But... everyone and his brother has complained about Snd's interface, so I've
been working on it for several months, and have a "to-do" list
that will take several more to dig through.  I think the preferences
dialog will make it a lot easier to set up Snd.

The other comment I'd make is that I aim Snd/Clm at composers, not recording
engineers -- the emotional energy or direction comes from
way back in 1976 -- I was a grad student in composition, not
interested in electronic music, but Leland Smith (the composition
prof) insisted I take Chowning's computer music course; not only
was J.C. an inspiring person, but in the process I stumbled on
programming, and I can't describe the joy that brought me -- ever
since I've been coasting on that wave.  So, I really don't care
about other DAWs, as I guess is obvious.  I'd respond to the
complaints with: the damned thing is fully programmable; if
you want something different, and you've got anything at all 
on the ball, write an if-then statement, and you will be free.

(Also, the rt stuff was all the work of Kjetil Matheussen -- I wish he
could get the credit in your article).