[CM] Common Music and Csound 5

Carl Edwards carl.boingie@verizon.net
Mon, 10 Oct 2005 20:26:10 -0400

Hi Michael,

That's very exciting-- what great news!

My 2 cents:

I've always found Clisp the easiest way to go on Windows. I'd re-install
Cygwin if you went that way though not very eagerly.

Carl Edwards

> I will undertake a Lisp or Scheme binding for Csound 5 so that the Csound API
> can be called natively from Common Music.
> Before I do this, I would like to know which version of Scheme or Lisp I
> should target. I will be doing the development work on Windows and Linux. Rick
> Taube's book comes with CLisp for Windows and this also can be used on OS X
> and Linux, so I would guess this is the best target.  CLisp runs Common Music
> just fine on my PC.
> I do not have time to maintain multiple bindings, so I need to know the best
> compromise.
> Unfortunately, the most mature SWIG facilities for Lisp are actually for Guile
> and MzScheme (both Scheme). On my PC, Guile does not run and building it
> requires many dependencies, which I can obtain if consensus favors Guile over
> CLisp.
> As part of this work, I will be moving the C++ form of the Csound API from the
> CsoundVST project into the Csound API library proper, and also moving the
> Python wrappers. 
> This will NOT introduce any additional dependencies in the Csound API library
> build except for SWIG, and I can book in the generated wrapper code so that
> even SWIG is not required for the normal build.
> Please advise me which is the best version of Lisp or Scheme to use for Common
> Music and the Csound API.
> I would like to finish this work before Csound 5 achieves release status.
> Thanks,
> Mike