[CM] Common Music and SPEAR

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 6 Oct 2005 07:20:55 -0500

The spectral workshop examples now run in Gauche 0.8.5.  Since FOMUS 
does not work in Scheme I have added a scheme-only version of the 
examples (with FOMUS notes converted to MIDI events) to the tarball. 
You can download just the scheme example file from pinhead but it wont 
be there for long:


I had to fix one small bug that prevented spear data from being 
imported in Scheme, the fix is in rev 1.20 of spectral.scm so you will 
need to do a cvs update before running the examples.

> thanks for that, i am using a fairly recent cvs checkout and gauche 
> 0.8.5.
> james
> On 10/5/05, Rick Taube <taube@uiuc.edu> wrote:
>> Ill try to find some time today to make sure the examples work, in any
>> event they will only run in cm 2.7.0.
>> --rick
>>> hello,
>>> after reading rick's paper on spectral composition and checking spear
>>> out im very interested in spectral composition methods, but none of
>>> the examples in said pdf seem to work.  am i doing something 
>>> incorrect
>>> or is the cm->spear connection not ready for public consumption just
>>> yet ?
>>> cheers,
>>> james
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