[CM] cm cvs

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 14:01:22 -0600

just a warning that cvs may be a bit unstable for about a week as i try 
to simplify CM's build process. hopefully the new design will make it 
easier for beginners as well as for the maintainers :)

my plan is to:

1. replace the horrible hack loading in make.lisp with generic loading 
based on the ASDF system definition facility 

2. Convert the FFIs in CM to CFFI (http://common-lisp.net/project/cffi/)

3. move support for Midishare, Portmidi, Plotter, CLM etc. into 
separate "breakout packages" that can then be installed individually 
via a simple USE-SYSTEM function (which is itself ASDF based), ie:

  	(use-system :cm :directory "/Lisp/cm/")
	(use-system :clm)
	(use-system :portmidi)

You will still be able to load by loading cm.lisp.  cm.sh will be 

in the long run i think standardizing to ASDF and CFFI will make cm a 
much more transparent system.

any concerns or suggestions welcome.

btw as of about a week ago, you can load cm into Snd with 100% CLM 
source compatability,  and cm.sh now allows you to start up under Snd:
	cm.sh -l snd

whats more, if you build a snd without GUI support then you can start 
up with cm under emacs:

	cm.sh -l snd -e Emacs