[CM] Error while using clm

Jiwon Seo jiwon@stanford.edu
Wed, 2 Nov 2005 01:18:15 -0800

While trying to use CLM, I got a strange error. Actually it's even
before I use it. I loaded "all.lisp" and tried following,

    (compile-file "v.ins")
    (load "v")
    (with-sound () (fm-violin 0 1 440 .1))

but only got following.

make-env: env at breakpoint 3: x axis value 0.000000 > -0.000000
debugger invoked on a SB-KERNEL::MEMORY-FAULT-ERROR in thread #<THREAD
"initial thread" {9003411}>:
  memory fault

What went wrong? I'm using sbcl 0.9.5 on linux (ubuntu 5.10), if that can help.

(I've already applied this patch -
http://ccrma-mail.stanford.edu/pipermail/cmdist.mbox/cmdist.mbox )