[CM] cm/supercollider

todd ingalls testcase@asu.edu
Mon, 16 May 2005 00:54:11 -0700

Some new additions have been added to cvs relating to cm/supercollider.

1. doc/dict/supercollider-topic.html has some new information about two 
new classes: sc-env and sc-buffer which try to add some slightly 
"higher level" control.

2. new examples of sc-env and sc-buffer in etc/examples/sc.cm

3. dumposc - new function to print the contents of an osc file to 
standard output. there is a new entry in the cm dictionary as well.

4. also a new doc for midi-file-print.

It would be great if people want to keep testing and seeing if things 
are working right. Also, any feedback or suggestions are more than