[CM] snd 7.11?

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 03:18:42 -0800

Snd 7.11

   Mike Scholz greatly expanded and improved the Ruby stuff in Snd (not to mention
     many other general improvements): snd_test.rb replaced by snd-test.rb,
     new files mix.rb, dsp.rb, pvoc.rb -- an amazing addition to Snd!

   Kjetil Matheussen implemented real-time support:  the new files are
     oo.scm, rt-compiler.scm, and rt-engine.scm -- another amazing addition!

   delay and move-locsig bugfixes thanks to Fernando.

   changed libxm to libxg in gtk case, also xm-version to xg-version
     added --with-static-xg configure option (same as --with-static-xm)

   added the -export-dynamic loader switch if using Gnu's ld and dlfcn

   band limited sawtooth in dsp.scm (Stilson/Smith/Kritov)

   bes-j0|1|n, bes-y0|1|n, bes-i0, erf|c, lgamma (etc from libm)



   Ruby side of edit-list->function

   zoom-focus-style can be a function

   polyshape generator (polynomial + oscil)

   mus-chebyshev-first|second-kind (as "kind" arg to partials->polynomial)

   partials->waveshape no longer normalizes the partials (to parallel partials->polynomial)

   gc-off and gc-on are no-ops now in Guile -- the underlying support was
     removed in the CVS Guile

in CMN: Anders Vinjar fixed a bug in display-crescendo
         removed obsolete make-cmn.cl

in CLM: Rick fixed a bug in play
         run* cleaned-up finally
         ffi cleaned-up (removed various obsolete linkages)
         removed ACL 4.n support
         sbcl can now handle multi-instrument files and no longer uses the *.sbcl kludge

with much help from: Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Mike Scholz, Kjetil Matheussen,
   Rick Taube, Anders Vinjar, Kyle Markley, Steve Bankowitz.

checked: Intel C 8.1, gtk 2.6.3|4, Sun Workshop C (via S Bankowitz)

(I'm having troubles moving files around, so it's not impossible that
the rpm files are messed up -- please let me know of any problems!)