[CM] Re: some questions re: the latest CM

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sat, 25 Jun 2005 09:58:17 -0500

> Greetings:
>  In the latest doc/cm.html I noticed a reference to a Fomus music 
> notation display system but the URL appears to be mangled 
> (http://zzz/). Can anyone tell me more about this software ?

yes i realize its a bit mysterious, ive cc'd its author (David 
Psenicka) in the hopes that he will explain what it is/does.
The CM bridge to it is ready to go i think as soon as his software is 

>  As the SC3 stuff improves I've been wondering whether an SC tab will 
> be added to cmio. Is such an addition in the works ?

yes, there will be (several) new tabs at some point, sooner if someone 
other than i adds them im so swamped with things right now and will 
likely be until after the icmc

>  And a quickie: What's a "container" and how might I use it in the 
> context of the cmio interface ?

its an "abstract" superclass of seq.

>  CM just gets better and better. Thanks to Rick and all other 
> contributors

yes there have been some really interestesting developments lately and 
only because people other than myself have done them. i hope more 
people will contribute their ideas -- its a pd, open source project 
that can only get better if more people contribute.

i will be rolling the tutorials from the ILC conference into cvs in a 
day or so. as soon as the rt and fomus stuff settles down we can 
declare victory with a development release.

> Best regards,
> dp