[CM] Re: some questions re: the latest CM

Dave Phillips dlphillips@woh.rr.com
Wed, 06 Jul 2005 12:54:59 -0400


  Sorry for the delayed response, I'm a bit swamped here again.

  David, thank you for the description. It looks like a great addition 
to the CM output targets, please keep us informed regarding Fomus 
development. :)



David Psenicka wrote:

>Fomus (FOrmat MUSic) is a Lisp program that inputs notational data in
>the form of Lisp lists and structures and outputs a file suitable for
>importing into a notation program like Finale, Sibelius, CMN, Lilypond,
>etc..  The idea is that reasonably intelligent decisions are made
>regarding note spellings, note splitting and tying, distribution of
>notes into multiple voices and staves, clef changes, ottava signs,
>etc..  This way a computer music composer would spend much less time
>working on music formatting issues and could see instant, reasonably
>notated results.  He would also have algorithmic control over notational
>elements such as articultations, slurs, tremelos, text markings...  The
>program is being written in a modular fashion so eventually users will
>have some choice over how they want various aspects of their notation
>formatted (and will be able to contribute their own algorithms).  At the
>very least it will offer a vast improvement over what the import
>functions in most notation programs have to offer!
>The program is still in development but is coming close to an initial
>(alpha) release--A CVS for it should appear on commonlist.net shortly. 
>At the moment it outputs Lilypond files, but in the near future there
>will also be support for MusicXML, CMN, and .ETF (Finale .ETF support
>might end up being rather limited), and possibly others.
>-David Psenicka
>Rick Taube wrote:
>>> In the latest doc/cm.html I noticed a reference to a Fomus music
>>>notation display system but the URL appears to be mangled
>>>(http://zzz/). Can anyone tell me more about this software ?
>>yes i realize its a bit mysterious, ive cc'd its author (David
>>Psenicka) in the hopes that he will explain what it is/does.
>>The CM bridge to it is ready to go i think as soon as his software is