[CM] compiling sndlib

Robert Komar rkomar@telus.net
Fri, 1 Jul 2005 10:56:56 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Tim Blechmann wrote:

>> be included in the load statement.  Also, -ljack will try to find the
>> shared version by default, I think.  If the loader can't find it, you
>> need to add -L/<dir> to the load line, where <dir> has libjack.
> well, it's not a problem _finding_ libjack ... the problem is, linking
> the shared library libjack to the static library libsnd ...
> afaik, you can't link a static library with a shared library ...

It doesn't matter whether the libraries are static or shared, but it
does matter what type of object code is in the libraries.  If the
linker can find the libraries, then it will silently choose the
correct one to link against.  Since your linker refuses to link against
the shared libraries, I would say that it thinks the object code in
them is incompatible with the current sndlib object code, or that the
code isn't relocatable.  Try running 'file' on the libjack.so file and
on, say, io.o in the sndlib directory to see if they are compatible.

Adding '--verbose' to the LDFLAGS variable in the makefile may also help
you diagnose your problem.

Rob Komar