[CM] BoundingBox mystery in CMN output

Kyle Markley kmarkley@seffera.net
Sat, 26 Feb 2005 17:10:56 -0800

In the score I've been working on, I've noticed there's always a bunch of  
extra whitespace at the left margin despite my margin settings.  I've been  
able to minimize the issue to the following example.  If you view this in  
gv and use the BBox "paper size", you'll see a left margin much bigger  
than it ought to be.

If you remove the diminuendo, the output file's bounding box changes from  
"%%BoundingBox: -78 -26 133 102" to "%%BoundingBox: 0 -26 133 102" and the  
box much better fits the left margin specified.

   (header-margin 0.1)
   (left-margin 0.1)
   (right-margin 0.1)
   (footer-margin 0.1)
   (system (staff

c5 q
d5 q
e5 q
g5 q
a5 q


I believe this issue or something related to it is causing an extra inch  
or so of whitespace on the left side of my full score.  I could probably  
fit another measure on each line if there wasn't so much unwanted  

Kyle Markley