[CM] Help writing a measure in CMN?

Anders Vinjar andersvi@notam02.uio.no
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 23:06:32 +0100

Heres one way using a 'tied-to staff to hold voice-2:

(setf nbs no-beat-subdivision)

 (staff-separation 3)
 (size 20)
 (system brace
         (setf voi-1
               (staff treble df-major
                      (meter 3 4)
                      (b4 h. stem-up (begin-slur (slur-direction :up)))
                      (chord q (notes a4 (c5 (tenuto (dy +1)))) (begin-tie (tie-direction :up)))
                      (chord tq (notes a4 c5) end-tie end-slur)
                      c5 te stem-up
                      (b4 te begin-slur)
                      c5 te e5 te stem-up
                      (b4 h. end-slur)

         (staff (tied-to voi-1)
                (rest te (dy -1.0) (onset 3) nbs)
                (a3 te begin-beam stem-down nbs)
                (c4 te end-beam stem-down nbs)
                (e4 te begin-beam stem-down nbs)
                (c4 te nbs)
                (a4 te end-beam (tenuto (dy -2)) nbs)
                (rest (rq 2/3) invisible nbs)
                f4 te  (tenuto (dy -1.7)) stem-down)
         (staff bass df-major (meter 3 4)

                (rest h.)
                (rest h.)
                (rest h.)

>>>>> " " == Kyle Markley <kmarkley@seffera.net> writes:

     > I've been having difficulty using CMN to create complex measures.
     > Attached is a .jpg scan of the measure I'm trying to duplicate with
     > CMN,  and below is the CMN code I've written that's not working.  (The
     > code  doesn't have the notes for the bass staff because I can
     > illustrate my  troubles without them.)

     > One problem is that if I uncomment the f4, I get a "trouble in slur --
     > these two notes are simultaneous" error.  Yes, they are simultaneous.
     > They're two different simultaneous voices, but only one of them is
     > part of  a slur.

     > If I comment the f4 to avoid that error, my other problem is that CMN
     > splits the measure, inserting rests it shouldn't and moving half the
     > notes  to the next measure.

     > If anyone can help me with this, I'd be very grateful.