[CM] How to call snd functions within Guile modules?

Milan Zamazal pdm@brailcom.org
Tue, 15 Feb 2005 12:24:55 +0100

I tried to put my snd code into a Guile module, but then snd functions
are invisible within the module.  For instance, I define a module like:

  (define-module (foo)
    :export (bar))

  (define (bar)

If I load it into snd with

  (load ".../foo.scm")
  (use-modules (foo))

and try to call


snd reports

  Unbound variable: new-sound

Without the define-module declaration the code works perfectly.
Could somebody advise me, how to access snd functions within Guile

FWIW, I use snd 7.8 from Debian.


Milan Zamazal

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