[CM] clm-3 - "run macro can't handle RANDOM"?

bill sack wsack@buffalo.edu
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 13:28:53 -0500

i'm getting back into cm and clm after an absence - after loading up 
last night's cvs snapshot of cm and doing a (use-system  :clm), v.ins 
works ok, but instruments that use a (random ..) call in the (run .. 
loop throw this error during compilation:
* (compile-file "maraca.ins")

; Python version 1.1, VM version Intel x86 on 13 DEC 05 01:13:27 pm.
; Compiling: /home/bsack/lisp/maraca.ins 09 AUG 00 10:38:22 am

; Writing "/home/bsack/lisp/clm_MARACA.c"
; Error: (during macroexpansion)
; Error in function CLM::GIVE-UP:
;    the run macro can't handle RANDOM in (RANDOM 1.0)

i tried to check this by loading clm-3 into a non-cm lisp (i'm using 
cmucl 11-2004, by the way) and produced the following errors:
* (compile-file "lisp/maraca.ins")
; Writing "/home/bsack/lisp/clm_MARACA.c"
; Compiling "/home/bsack/lisp/clm_MARACA.c"
; Creating shared object file "/home/bsack/lisp/clm_MARACA_0.so"
; Writing "/home/bsack/lisp/clm_BIG_MARACA.c"
; Compiling "/home/bsack/lisp/clm_BIG_MARACA.c"
; Creating shared object file "/home/bsack/lisp/clm_BIG_MARACA_1.so"
* (load "lisp/maraca.cmucl")

; Loading #P"/home/bsack/lisp/maraca.cmucl".
;;; Opening shared library /home/bsack/lisp/clm_BIG_MARACA_1.so ...
;;; Done.
;; Loading #P"/home/bsack/lisp/maraca.x86f".

Undefined foreign symbol: "clm_maraca2"
   [Condition of type KERNEL:SIMPLE-PROGRAM-ERROR]

what am i doing wrong here?