[CM] Hi everybody! Compilation problem with some software.

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 08:59:03 -0600

First, thank you for your kind words about my music.

>  -CLM: (use-system :clm) doesn't work; a libclm.so error before 
> updating cvs few hours ago; now, the same situation.

Since in your trace (load "all.lisp") didnt work then (use-system :clm) 
wont work either (because it also loads all.lisp). So it looks like a 
basic install issue.
My advice is to (1) delete the current clm-3 directory and reinstall 
from the clm-3 tarball and then attempt to load all.lisp using just a 
base lisp, ie without CM loaded.
$ cd /path/to/clm-3
$ lisp
$ (load "add.lisp")

> -CMN: (use-system :cmn), the same as CLM.

i see that both your clm and cmn loadin has the same " Unknown colorls 
variable `su'" error. so something basic is not right with the 
installation but i have  no idea what that error means, sorry!

>  -Midishare: (use-system :midishare), Wrong.
>  -Player:   (use-system :player), same as above, wrong.

>  Error in function C::DO-CALL:
>     Midishare library "/usr/lib/libMidiShare.so" not found. Fix 
> *libmidishare*.

do you have /usr/lib/libMidiShare.so   installed?
do you have /usr/lib/libPlayer.so   installed?

Dont try to install CM's midishare interface until you have tested 
midishare and are certain you have a functioning midishare system. 
specifically you should use their 'msdrivers' command to set up your 
ports and then 'msconnect' to make sure you can hear sound.   Only do 
(use-system :midishare) if you can make sound using msconnect.

>  -Portmidi (use-system: portmidi), wrong too.  After    # apt-get 
> install libportmidi0 (libportmidi.so.0 and libportmidi.so.0.0.0 in 
> /usr/lib), no libporttime.so stuff found (?), the quoted error.

yes, you have a typo.   (use-system: portmidi)  should be (use-system 

Dont try to install CM's portmidi interface until you have these to 
portmidi libs installed:

you may have to isntall these as links to libportmiid.so.1.1.1 or 
whatever if your installer doest create them for you

Since you are new to lisp you might consider starting out by computing 
with midi files until you get the hang of things and only then start to 
add in other software. each of these systems are large and complex...