[CM] Re: compile problem with up-to-date CVS CM

Dave Phillips dlphillips@woh.rr.com
Thu, 08 Dec 2005 19:15:40 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:

> ok  i think this line in cm-gtk/cm-gtk.asd is causing the probelm:
>   :depends-on (cm)
> comment that line out!
> my guess you are loading from .cminit.lisp or cm.lisp -- ie your load 
> is invoked under the load-system for cm itself. My  -- apparently 
> incorrect -- assumption was that the :depends-on would not actually 
> trigger a sytem load if, in fact, the dependancy were already 
> resolkved, ie that cm was already loaded. but that does  not appear to 
> be the case, so you go into this enless loop: cm loads cm-gtk; cm-gtk 
> loads cm ....
> if you delete that line it should load up.
> ill make a new archive later this afternoon.
> sorry about the confusion -- ive only been testing at the repl!

All is good now. No tests run yet, but cm-gtk opens fine, and all other 
components seem to have loaded without complaint.

Thanks for all the assistance Rick ! :)