[CM] Re: compile problem with up-to-date CVS CM

Dave Phillips dlphillips@woh.rr.com
Thu, 08 Dec 2005 09:30:07 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:

> no, you dont have new sources. maybe you have to refresh your browser 
> page??? I just went to my planet-ccrma box, downlaoded the 
> midishare.tar.gz from the install page, untarred, did 'cm -l lisp' , 
> did (use-system :midishare) and it works in cmucl and sbcl on linux.
> You can tell that you have the CORRECT version of midishare.lisp if 
> you see the ":count 11" in the defiunition of tmidi-sex-1:
> (cffi:defcstruct tmidi-sex-1 (link midi-sexptr) (data byte :count 11))
Hi Rick:

  I refreshed the browser page, downloaded midishare.tar.gz again, and 
this is what I have in its midishare.lisp :

    (cffi:defcstruct tmidi-sex-1 (link midi-sexptr) (data byte 11))