[CM] linux, cmucl, cm cvs

Drew Krause drkrause@mindspring.com
Mon, 05 Dec 2005 16:48:16 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:

> Sounds like its having a problem with the *cm-directory* lookup from 
> *load-pathname* --  try settin that variable manually to see if that 
> fixed the problem just to see what else can go wrong. there is also a 
> *cm-bin-directory* set later in that file.
> i think i read some posts on their mail list over the last few days 
> that indicate that there is a problem in the snapshot about handling 
> unix pathnames. i dont know if this is the issue or not. but since 
> cm.asd iworks in every other lisp and even in the last version of 
> cmucl i think it would be a candidate.
For what it's worth, a different problem prevented my compiling today's 
snapshot with CMUCL:

; Compiling "src/pkg.lisp"
; Loading "bin/cmucl_19b_linux-i686/pkg.x86f"
; [GC threshold exceeded with 29,134,336 bytes in use.  Commencing GC.]
; [GC completed with 9,165,488 bytes retained and 19,968,848 bytes freed.]
; [GC will next occur when at least 21,165,488 bytes are in use.]
; Compiling "src/cmu.lisp"

Error in format: Unknown format directive.
  ~%;;; generated by scheme->cltl from ~A.~A ~
                       on ~A~%~%
   [Condition of type format::format-error]

  0: [retry   ] Retry performing #<asdf:compile-op nil {5877F38D}> on
                #<cm-source-file "iter" {580AEC1D}>.
  1: [accept  ] Continue, treating #<asdf:compile-op nil {5877F38D}>

Error in format: Unknown format directive.
  ~@<Continue, treating ~S on ~S as ~
                            having been successful.~@:>
   [Condition of type format::format-error]

Any help appreciated -- thanks!