[CM] Snd 7.15

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun, 28 Aug 2005 04:45:18 -0700

Snd 7.15

View:Files dialog completely recast:
   removed current files list, added various ways to use the selected file(s) in the other list
   previous-files-* -> view-files-* (sort, select-hook)
   removed previous-files-sort-procedure
   added sort-files-by-name|size|date|entry
   added view-files-amp|speed|amp-env|speed-style|files|selected-files
   click of file name no longer opens that file -- it just adds it to the selected files list for the dialog
   view-files-select-hook return type no longer matters, and args are: dialog file-name
   preload-directory -> add-directory-to-view-files-list
   preload-file -> add-file-to-view-files-list
   optional dialog arg to view-files-sort (local set)

added clear-minibuffer
       optional as-error arg to report-in-minibuffer
       sound-file-extensions as settable list
       -init startup switch to set init filename as arg
       netBSD audio support
       File:Insert menu item and dialog, also insert-file-dialog
       read/write support OGG, Speex, and Flac files (via File:Save as)
       read support for Mpeg and Midi

removed yes-or-no? with associated dialog (and snd-g|xerror.c)
         old Mac OS (8 or 9) support (old-mac-audio.c has the code), also MPW C
           (this affects CLM as well)

File:Mix dialog no longer exits upon "mix" (removed keep-mix-dialog-open-upon-ok from snd-motif.scm)

gtk version no longer defaults to happy button colors -- they clash with the fancy icons.
   as long as I was changing colors, I changed to an "autumnal" theme for the Motif side.

added osx-10.4-snd at ccrma-ftp

_sndlib.h is now an internal header, whereas sndlib.h is intended for programs
   that use sndlib -- this is an attempt to reduce name-space collisions by
   sequestering configuration info.

checked: OSX 10.4 (gtk/motif/guile/ruby), gtk 2.7.3|4|5, gtk 2.8.0|1|2, NetBSD 2.0,
   Solaris 10 (x86 audio is broken), sbcl 0.9.3

with much help from: Orm Finnendahl, Michael Edwards, Mike Scholz, Thomas Klausner,
   Kjetil Matheussen, Petter Reinholdtsen, Rob Komar, Christophe Rhodes