[CM] OpenMCL realtime scheduler

Hanspeter Kyburz hkyburz@gmx.de
Mon, 22 Aug 2005 10:11:07 +0200

Hi Rick,

Todd's new OpenMCL "high resolution scheduler" seems to be unbelievably

When sending a chord of 1000 midimessages (5x100 noteons plus 5x100 noteoffs
triggered by 5 keys) spying to output with "MIDI Monitor.app" shows a time
difference between first and last message of .03 to .05 ms (30000 to 50000
nanoseconds!!!) . Is this realistic?

Midishare (v.1.88) seems to be MUCH faster than Portmidi: when receiving
chord trills while generating huge amounts of notes, there are no skips, all
incoming events are received by MAX. Up to now Todd's new scheduler in
openmcl.lisp (revision 1.39) works perfectly!

And since rts and receive don't depend anymore on Midishare callbacks or on
Midishare alarms, receiving seems to be stable also now.

Many thanks to you both for your great help during the last days!